Fee for assistance in the placement (distribution) of outdoor advertising for one tool with an area of an advertising field up to 1 sq.m. inclusive is 0.2 base units per day. In the event of a contract for one month or more the fee will be:

  • the area of the advertising field is up to 1 sq.m. - 0.4 base units per month;
  • the area of the advertising field from 1 sq.m. up to 5 sq.m. - 1.7 base units per month;
  • the area of the advertising field from 5 sq.m. up to 10 sq.m. - 3.2 base units per month;
  • the area of the advertising field from 10 sq.m. up to 18 sq.m. - 5.6 base units per month;

  The fee is indicated including VAT 20%

  For all questions that arise, please contact the market administration or by phone 31-19-50, 31-19-90

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(These conditions do not apply to tenants of market entities of CJSC "GrodnoTorgServis" )

In the Information Center of the clothing market "Southern" you can:

  • An ad for the sale or purchase of goods, finding a job or vacancy;
  • Congratulate loved ones;
  • Appoint a meeting place if you are lost
  • and,
    • Find the place of sale of goods of interest
    • Measure blood pressure
    • Execute the contract of obligatory insurance of vehicle owner of the vehicle.

Cost of filing advertisement :

up to 20 words 60 kopecks with VAT

up to 40 words 1 rub 20 kopecks with VAT/em>

up to 60 words 1 rub 80 kopecks with VAT

Sample application for placing information for individuals

Ad placement procedure for legal entities

  • For consultations, call by phone 31-19-54 (settlement center)
  • Apply by fax 31-19-90(reception)
  • Enter into a contract.

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Brief characteristics

KMU FASSI F65A.0.23 with a cargo torque of 6.22 tm refers to a light series of crane-manipulator plants and is one of the most popular on the Russian market. This truck mounted crane is mounted on medium-duty commercial vehicles, usually for a cab. In the kit with the crane there is a base with two hydraulic outriggers, which allows achieving perfect stability during operation. The crane manipulator unit is controlled by a proportional valve, and the levers are located on both sides of the base.

Carrying capacity of the machine FASSI F65A.0.23 at the minimum reach of the boom is 2.00 m - 2710 kg, at the maximum reach of the boom 8.75 m – 585 kg.

Tariff for the service of moving a metal box (kiosk, pavilion)

Name of service Tariff for the service without VAT, BYN VAT (20%), BYN Tariff for the service including VAT, BYN
1 Moving a metal box (kiosk, pavilion) 36,67 7,33 44,00
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Working time: 09:00 – 17:00

Monday - OUTPUT

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